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Monday, August 21, 2006

Topic: Children


may you believe deep inside that someone loves you,
may you have shelter and food, safe places inside and outside of yourself,
may you have the oppertunity to fall down, to pick yourself up
without having to be told how to do it,
may you have the freedom to express all things without fear,
I blow a wish for love to come from many places so you can see its many forms,
may you learn peace and tolerance as you learn to disagree,
learn to find solutions that don't involve too much comprimise of your will
if it is true,
may you have arms to hold you
kisses for your cheeks and head
someone to tickle-wrestle
someone to love,
may you be spoiled just a little by a special friend,
may your caretakers set limits and teach boundaries,
may they know theirs as well,
understand that grown-ups are learning too,
may your dreams be nurtured
your nightmares quelled
your prayers heard
your hand held
your hair caressed
your stories listened to
your self appreciated
your body safe and
your spirit free


  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger little scribbler said…

    all apologies for the greeting card! all I could think of were wishes for kids, a prayer of sorts, things I hope I provide for my children. Maybe this post is really about fear - that my children aren't getting these things. That's when people pray right? When divine reassurance is sought?

  • At 3:42 PM, Anonymous marcicastle said…

    so dear..................
    a tear may fall
    for truth,
    opens a river
    water for life
    to grow.
    your prayer
    moved me so.


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