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Sunday, December 17, 2006

topic: measuring

A typical day is filled with measurements, specific quantities of things. This leads me to the thought that a pre-packaged existence is there waiting for all of us if we choose to live that way. Time = seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Coffee = tablespoons. Food = ounces. Energy = calories. Paper = 8 1/2 x 11. Gasoline = gallon$. Electricity = kWh. College = four years. Cardiac output = 5040 ml/minute. One foot = 12 inches. One hour = $5.15. And so on.

Of course I'm aware of the practical application of measurements, but I don't like things to be exact, precise, or prescribed. I like to ponder the measureless. I buy bulk without looking to see what it weighs. I stop filling the tank when I get sick of standing there feeling like a guilty idiot, not when the number says .00. I don't always start things at the beginning. And I cook without the use of measuring devices. Risky, I know.

Enough analogies. I think I just like to use an objective perspective to locate intangible elements that inspire my imagination and my thoughts. I like a clear, lack of definition sometimes. I suppose I could measure that too, but I'd rather not.


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